How Many It Movies Are There? An Ultimate Film Guide

September 23, 2023
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By George Djaniants
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How Many It Movies Are There An Ultimate Film Guide

Are you one of those scratching your head and asking, "how many It movies are there?" Exploring King's initial novel, we unveil the cryptic world of It and the bone-chilling narrative it offers, that would later spawn not just an extraordinary cinematic universe, but also etch an indelible mark on pop culture. A detailed analysis of King's triumphant storytelling, the inception of iconic characters, and the horror-filled childhood that formed the initial basis for the films will definitively answer your pressing question. Get ready for a spine-tingling journey as we unravel the universe of It and chart the path that led from the solitary book to a multitude of film adaptations that have kept audiences gripped for decades.

The First “It” Mini-Series (1990)

the first it mini series 1990

Moving onto the mini-series journey of It, it was in 1990 that the first "It" mini-series was broadcast. Accomplishing the difficult task of translating Stephen King's horror masterpiece into a televised format, it became a benchmark for horror mini-series, achieving both ratings success and cultural significance. Despite a limited budget and constraints of broadcast television, the mini-series masterfully captured the essence of the sinister world Stephen King created.

Key aspects that elevated the 1990 "It" were the remarkable casting choices, loyal handling of key plot details, and the overwhelming viewer reception. Most notable was Tim Curry's portrayal of Pennywise, the murderous clown, which terrified viewers to the point of creating a lasting impact. Like a pact from the Losers Club, fans kept the horror legacy alive, making this mini-series a cult favorite and setting creative expectations for future adaptations of King's work.

"It" (2017)

it 2017

The 2017 iteration of the famed horror tale "It" found a new generation of fans, while also satisfying many who harbored nostalgia for the original book and mini-series. The adaptation maintained a number of similarities the King's novel as well as the 1990 mini-series but wasn't afraid to chart its own course and introduce unique elements. From the chilling vista of Derry, Maine being brought to life, to the younger versions of the 'Losers Club,' this version struck a chord with viewers around the globe.

In terms of reception, "It" (2017) was a bonafide hit both with critics and audiences. The casting for the film, particularly of the young stars like Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise and Finn Wolfhard as Richie, was praised widely. Their performances, coupled with director Andy Muschietti's vision, crafted a film that was both terrifying and engaging, leading to an overwhelming box office success that surpassed many expectations.

Exploring significant elements of the plot, one finds a careful mix of the source material and new embellishments. Several changes were made, including the emphasis on individual character fears. The intricate details of the filming location and production also played a significant role in shaping the film’s atmosphere, creating an eerie and gripping depiction of King’s most terrifying creation. From the creepy house on Neibolt Street to the ominious town of Derry, all elements coalesce to make "It" (2017) an unforgettable entry in the horror film genre.

"It Chapter Two" (2019)

it chapter two 2019

Despite the passage of time, the terror continues in "It Chapter Two." This 2019 film acts as a sequel to the 2017 adaptation, with the narrative picking up where its predecessor left off. The town of Derry, still haunted by the nightmarish clowns, is brought to life once more, with the characters, now as adults, returning to confront their childhood fears. The casting is exceptional, featuring renowned actors who effectively portray their characters' transition to adulthood, reinforcing the gripping plot.

While the storyline maintains its spine-chilling charm, the film also provides insights into the characters' psychological and emotional development. This depiction of the characters as adults offers a more profound understanding of their experiences, adding depth to the overall narrative. Each scene unravels the actors' expert performances and convincingly portrays the haunting darkness that has seeped into the town of Derry and their lives.

Moviegoers' reception towards "It Chapter Two" was generally positive. The box office response was also striking, reflecting the enduring appeal of Stephen King's menacing tale and the continued allure of the terrifying Pennywise to audiences worldwide.

Each cinematic component, right from the spine-chilling score to the haunting cinematography, works in harmony to create an immersive viewing experience. The film solidifies its place as a vital part of the "It" legacy by presenting a fresh perspective on the horror genre while paying homage to Stephen King’s original masterpiece.

Speculations and Rumors for Future “It” Movies

speculations and rumors for future it movies

While there is no definitive word from filmmakers or King himself on the possibility of additional films, some believe that it's only a matter of time before another story from this universe hits the silver screen. After all, the rich universe that King has created in his novels provides ample source material for cinematic adaptations. Many fans speculate that the success of the two recent films have paved the way for more.

At times, sequel or prequel rumors are sparked by several comments from the directors of the latest It films, who have hinted at the possibility of exploring the origins of the monstrous entity known as Pennywise.

It's worth noting that while some rumors are based on insider information, comments from filmmakers or extrapolations of King's work, others are pure fan speculation. Until a new It movie is officially announced, the answer to how many IT movies are there remains two movies and one miniseries. Yet, the rumors and speculations continue to thrive, displaying the anticipation surrounding this horror franchise and the iconic Pennywise.

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