Caught on Zoom: Is AI Learning from Your Calls?

August 10, 2023
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By George Djaniants
Film Technology
Caught on Zoom Is AI Learning from Your Calls

Hey, remember when Zoom came out of the blue and became our go-to buddy during the COVID pandemic? Everyone was Zooming left and right. And not just regular folks – Hollywood too!

From pitching movies to having a chat with the executives, Zoom was everywhere. But now there's a twist, and it's not a good one.

Zoom's new terms of service have raised some eyebrows. In plain English, it seems like they want to record our calls and use our voices to train artificial intelligence (AI). Scary, right?

The Worrisome Clauses

the worrisome clauses

Two clauses in particular are causing a stir:

  • Clause 10.2 says Zoom can collect data and use it for various purposes, like training AI.

  • Clause 10.4 grants Zoom a license to use customer content in basically any way they want, including AI and machine learning training.

This isn't just bad news for the average user; it's a huge red flag for Hollywood filmmakers and creatives. Imagine acting out an audition over Zoom, and then having your performance used to train an AI. That's like sending your secrets straight to Skynet!

What Does It Mean for the Rest of Us?

what does it mean for the rest of us

Ever been in a private Zoom meeting where you shared some secret family recipe? Well, those secrets might not be so secret anymore. Remember the time you laughed at your cousin's funny cat story? Now, that might be training data for a robotic comedian.

How Hollywood Feels

If you're a filmmaker, this is serious business. Imagine discussing your next big blockbuster, only to have it turned into data for a computer. Remember the movie "A.I. Artificial Intelligence" by Spielberg? Well, this feels like we're in it!

Zoom's Response

zooms response

Zoom's been trying to calm the storm, saying they won't use content without customer consent, but many are still skeptical. I mean, shouldn't our calls be private by default?

What Can You Do?

Want to opt-out of this AI training circus? Check out some guides online about turning off Zoom IQ. And maybe it's time to look into Skype or other alternatives.

Final Thoughts

Zoom was cool, but this new direction? Not so much. Let's be cautious and keep an eye out for alternatives that value our privacy. Remember, Zoom may have helped us through lockdown, but that doesn't mean it can get away with treating our private calls like an all-you-can-eat buffet for AI training.

Published on August 10, 2023 by George Djaniants

George Djaniants

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