America's Hidden Gems: The Best Natural Filming Locations

September 01, 2023
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By George Djaniants
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America s Hidden Gems The Best Natural Filming Locations

Welcome to a captivating excursion through America's hidden gems! Enriched with stunning landscapes, the United States boasts some of the best natural filming locations America has to offer, providing a perfect blend of scenic beauty to accentuate movie magic. Be it serene beaches or spectacular ice caves, the USA's terrain is as diverse as it is awe-inspiring.

This journey takes us from the coastal wonders of North Carolina to the grand vistas of Arizona, the mesmerising glaciers of Alaska to the tranquil beauty of Oregon's lakes. Each location holds its unique charm, making them prime spots not only for filming but also for any nature-loving enthusiast.

Dive in, and get ready to explore some of the most breathtaking landmarks and mesmeric film sets scattered across the country. Let these places ignite your imagination and offer a totally new perspective on what America’s stunning natural landscapes have to offer. Buckle up for this tour de force through the cinematic paradises hidden under America's vast sky.

Coastal Wonders: Outer Banks, North Carolina

coastal wonders outer banks north carolina

The Outer Banks of North Carolina rank amongst the best natural filming locations america has to offer. Known for their unspoiled sandy shores stretching out into the Atlantic Ocean, they have been a draw for filmmakers seeking a picturesque coastal setting. Their appeal extends beyond just the beautiful beaches, encompassing the distinctive, storied lighthouses that punctuate the coastline, creating a dramatic backdrop for any scene shot here. Their serene nature reserves, home to an array of wildlife, present a wealth of opportunities for natural history and wildlife filmmakers.

coastal wonders outer banks north carolina

What truly sets Outer Banks apart, however, isn't just the stunning scenery. These islands have a unique charm and atmosphere that’s hard to find in other U.S. filming locations. The tranquility of the nature reserves, contrasted with the infinite expanse of the Atlantic, create a range of atmospheric possibilities that could take a film or documentary to the next level. In fact, the Outer Banks served as the perfect backdrop for popular series like Netflix’s “Outer Banks,” the authenticity of the location adding a distinct flavor to the story. Whether you are a filmmaker crafting an epic narrative or a nature enthusiast capturing the undisturbed beauty of the Atlantic coast, the Outer Banks of North Carolina are a gem not to be overlooked.

coastal wonders outer banks north carolina

Glacial Majesty: Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska

glacial majesty mendenhall glacier alaska

Anchored in Alaska, Mendenhall Glacier provides an idyllic setting for both novice and seasoned film producers searching for the best natural filming locations America has to offer. Its texture and contours exude glacial majesty that can add depth and aesthetic brilliance to any cinematographic project.

This astonishing site features a breathtaking natural phenomenon - ice caves. Not merely providing a stunning visual spectacle, these caves offer filmmakers the opportunity to shoot dramatic scenes and extraordinary sequences. Their inherent beauty and ethereal quality can introduce a distinctive touch that would set any movie apart.

glacial majesty mendenhall glacier alaska

The Mendenhall Glacier, however, is not only suitable for dramatic scenes. The surrounding landscape also presents unique chances for wildlife photography. It is a habitat for a variety of fauna, providing an unmatched opportunity to capture them in their natural environment.

The sheer versatility of Mendenhall Glacier cannot be overstated. It is vast, rugged, and replete with unadulterated natural beauty. It is a space where art and nature intertwine, a fusion that enhances cinematic imagery. Interestingly, despite its magnificent splendor, it remains one of America's hidden gems, a place just waiting to play backdrop to the next big silver screen spectacle.

glacial majesty mendenhall glacier alaska

The Grand Vista: Grand Canyon, Arizona

the grand vista grand canyon arizona

Our journey through the best natural filming locations america takes us to the desert wonders of the Grand Canyon, Arizona. This geological masterpiece is renowned worldwide for breathtaking panoramic views that can capture the essence of any film set, providing directors with a natural, grand-scale backdrop unlike any other. Its dramatic landscape captures the raw power and beauty of Mother Earth, making it the perfect location for any dramatic and emotion-driven film scenes.

Perhaps what sets the Grand Canyon apart from other locations is its colored stratification. This unique feature presents layers of vibrant colors, each holding a story of the Earth's past spanning over millions of years. For filmmakers, this feature can add depth to a scene, creating a simultaneously rugged and ethereal atmosphere.

the grand vista grand canyon arizona

In the world of motion pictures, the Grand Canyon has been immortalized in countless films, documentaries, and television series, a testament to its highly desired appeal as a cinematic location. Whether it's the wide shots bathed in scorching sunset hues or the stealthy aerial views capturing the majestic Colorado River, the charming allure of the Canyon never fades.

Forecasting stunning sunrise and sunset views, the Grand Canyon offers more than just scenes to the viewer; it offers a breathtaking journey into nature's grandeur. America's Hidden Gems series can't progress without a mention of the Grand Canyon, truly making it an essential addition to the list of best natural filming locations in the United States.

Lakeside Beauty: Crater Lake, Oregon

lakeside beauty crater lake oregon

As we conclude our journey through the best natural filming locations America has to offer, we arrive at the peaceful and picturesque Crater Lake in Oregon. The tranquility and purity of Crater Lake's blue waters are hard to rival, delivering eye-catching aesthetics for any serene and introspective film scene. It is this calm sophistication and untouched beauty that makes it stand out from an ocean of locations. Deep waters reflecting the sky above, encased in an amphitheater of verdure; a gem of nature undisputedly deserving of the camera's capture. It's a reminder of the variety and depth of natural elegance America harbors, a secret whispered from the hidden corners of states and etched into the rolling landscapes. Crater Lake's distinctive characteristics make it not only a stunning natural sight but an ideal, cinematic tableau as well.

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